FFXIV Totem/Pages system

 I'm personally not a fan of the Totem/Pages system they introduced this expansion for the reason that it takes away sustainability for the fights, but that's neither here nor there. Judging from the image and the S3 mounts, they look just like recolors anyways. More unique mounts would be nice in general. Nicole Kaufman Neither am I. Just making a point ^_^;  Incentives to keep PVP maps alive is a smart move, you're not the only one allowed to have your fun, deal with it.  Agreed. Cheap FFXIV Gil You can't reskin a mount for PVP, it'll eliminate alot of the draw. You also can't give them crap rewards. The PvP gear sets and mounts are distinct. You can tell them apart. Yes, alot of people wont be using these, but that's because those players are that few and elite that they can call that mount theirs.

Elite? People have been win farming those. Lol. You're crying foul for PVP having a unique mount type when PVE has its own selection of mounts. Astrope, Kirin, Firebird, Beast Tribe, Tank mounts, Trial mounts, Raid mounts, etc. the list goes on.Pointing out the Trial mounts as the only unique mounts SE provides besides MSQ mounts is telling of your ignorance about the mounts available in game RIGHT NOW. In addition, those mounts are no less impressive than the Hounds. They have primal themes, special graphics and are linked to quests that give you an even more unique mount.

Some people don't want to grind out for the Lanners, they know they're not getting it. You don't want to participate in PvP, you're not about to have the Hound mount. Cheap FFXIV Gil The important part is that it's available. You have to play the game to get it. That's entire point of rewards.Let the PvPers have their mount. Nobody is stopping you from joining them. You have no case.make pvp more accessible? it feels like if you didn't get into it int the very beginning you probably will never get into it. needs more for entry level. oh and btw pvp dps queues are TERRIBLE.

not really sure what you mean because when they introduced the new frontline map pvp became a lot easier to get into. I'd never even touched it once before the garo crossover event and it's fun and fairly easy to get into, even if you don't know what you're doing at first. and on the EU data centre the queues for dps in 72 man frontline are like 2 minutes long...yeah maybe they fixed a lot since i tried. it was something i wanted to do and i feel like it gets further away from me every time they put in something new. thanks for your input.dps ques are terrible for all aspects of the game and only going to get worse since the next two new classes are both dps.


I played Final Fantasy MMO's

My husband and I played Final Fantasy MMO's (1st with FFXI then straight to FFXIV) for 16 years together. In a lot of ways I think the game brought us closer as a couple. Sadly he left the game before Heavensward was released. I stuck it out until last week. Without him though... it just isn't the same. Thank you Square Enix for a wonderful 16 years! Through the good and bad I stuck it out anyway and loved the game for the many adventures with the friends I met along the way. Thank you for not giving up on FFXIV and FFXIV Gil making it what it is today! Maybe someday i'll be back. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Happy adventuring!

 Chioni AJ with FFXIV I found it is not as easy to make friends as it was in FFXI. Buy FFXIV Gil In XI it was completely necessary to have friends. There was no duty finder. You had to work together. I had the most amazing weekly static for Chains of Promathia (back before they removed the level cap and made it solo-able). Those days were so fun! I'm still in touch with those people. XIV community is definitely different. I wish you all the best!Finally. The trolls can stop posting what they think the new job/jobs will be.
We will finally KNOW.

 When I started playing FFXIV back then..I asked for reviews at reddit. Some trolls inboxed me the whole story lol. That could be a good thing lmao. Nah, they will just start on guessing the next jobs. The next job in 5.0 is beastmaster. Is the stream the same place as the JP one or is there a different site/twitch? I'm still hoping for a blue mage tank and/or a dps samurai. More likely SAM :D I wouldnt stand to keep playing WAR, since i really dont like it, played SAM in FFXI for 7 years, started FFXIV hoping SAM would come sooner or later, if it doesnt come with this expansion i'll certainly quit the game.

I wouldn't care either way as long as sam is a dps and not a tank. I love swords but hate tanking. I was really irked when one of my fav jobs was made into a tank even though thematically it has been a dps type of job. When fan fest will come to Montreal??? You have fan here in the east coast, you know. I just want my dancer but samurai will more than likely be confirmed. I can't go, but have last minute tickets if anyone wants to buy them? Got 2, let me know ladies and gents. And then we'll find out if we get tank and if it's samurai, or dps. No wait, I got that sentence mixed up... Nope, not jelous at all. Not a bit.


Part 2 of the final Heavensward patch

 I'd be pretty upset if a limited event item was given away freely every year. It would give less meaning to the item. So if you missed out and you really want it, then why not buy it? I mean, the cost of it can't exactly hurt your bank account... its £3 lol - compare that to most game cosmetics. It's actually almost $7 Canadian for me. If the outfit was only $3, I wouldn't complain about it... Lol. What happened Square Enix? I got on and expected quests and romance, and maybe some laughs, Cheap FFXIV Gil but all I did was talk to her fiance just to learn how to pucker my lips to form hearts and blow them. You can buy the minion and song sheet, yet there's a repeatable quest for Prism. The event literally took me 5 minutes! This is so lazy compared to last year. I get that Stormblood is around the corner, but come on...

With all due respect, I don't think you get just how big of a demand it is for them to be working on both Stormblood and Part 2 of the final Heavensward patch at the same time. James Hammond Yet, they could do a fine job with previous events, such as heavensturn. I'm not saying that I'm not grateful for actually having an event. I'm just saying that they could have done better in comparison of last year's. This is a poor excuse. I agree that it was a little lackluster. I'd have preferred a small chain quest in order to unlock the minions and other items from the store, rather than just straight up buy them and skip the rest of the 'event'.

I honestly thought that the quests to obtain even the emote, would be a lot longer than it actually is. Even if they are busy working on more important content, a few extra event quests couldn't have hurt . Dat Craig Heavensturn wasn't as close to Stormblood's release date, I can imagine that they're in heavy crunch time right now. Buy FFXIV Gil Probably sleeping at the office etc, their team isn't large.

 Any help would be awesome!! I use to play this on my mates acc. And thought I'd get it on my own ps4,yesterday I brought the ARR version without heavensward,I have tryd everything to get it working.deleted it three times and updated it b4 starting version 4.56 ps4 is up-to-date It JUST BLACK SCREENS EVERY TIME with music.has this been an issue for anyone else? SQ customer support is Crap! An No help whatsoever. Have you tried restarting your modem/internet connection? It has helped people before.  I've had that happen before, like the comment before me said, I restarted my router and nothing happened. So, I left my game alone for a day, came back and it kicked on like nothing happened. If you do get it to start working, hit me up on the Ultros server, my name is Leon Heartilly, I'd be happy to help you start up!


FFXIV version of Resident Evil

Aaron Scoggin It's also a physical collector's edition. It's definitely doable. I'm by no means rich or really well off but we just bought a 4k tv, PS4 and the $200 version of Resident Evil almost all within a month and a half or two, but it was all because we could budget it in and cut back on things here and there. Honestly, $200 is not something you can just whip out, but it's not meant to be for this type of stuff or else EVERYONE would be getting it. If you don't think it's worth it or can't justify it as an expense, Cheap FFXIV Gil don't buy it and go get one of the other tiers. I am still deciding between the $60 one and 6months of game time or paying time every month and getting the $200 version. They are not hungry for money as you say. A lot of other games have expensive bundles for a game, but they are never requires. It's catered to very specific people and not the masses so chill out.

That's why you got trump for president you biggits. Martin Brauer I think you meant to say 'bigots' sweetheart. And it looks like you come from Germany. If that's the case, then I'm pretty sure Hitler was a bit worse and has a higher kill streak. But see, that doesn't really relate to you now does it? Just like your Trump comment doesn't pertain to me either, because I don't even like the man so just shut the hell up man.  The thing is it's a subscription based MMO so they are getting their money. Buy FFXIV Gil Pretty sad it's so spendy tbh.

I like how nobody mentioned the fact that the $200 CE comes with a Square Enix tier statue of the new legatus. I could see if it was just a bunch if shitty apparel, but trying to cheap out on a detailed statue is just sad. pffff do u even Australia every game here is $100 or more. some of these mfckers will order multiple copies and jack their prices up at Ebay. Im still salty about it.  It;s a bit unclear... Slides tell that Stormblood includes Heavensward. If I already own it on Steam, will I be paying twice for Heavensward then? I'd buy it but.....error 401 on a card that I used on Amazon to buy time after it failed on SE's store today. So I doubt I'll get it.

 I'm someone who doesn't mind dropping 120 for collectors editions with art books and figures and other goods but $200 for what their offering is just...a rip off lol.no new race no order, having a new class and swim around in new ares doesnt makes me excited i realy dont see any difference between heavensward and stormblood having swim isnt new in mmo games, thats a too late option giving swim in 2017 btw putting auras in the games was realy worst in my opinion, no im sry you wont get my money for this patch.


every FF14 post is not going to make it go FTP

Nah on going FTP. Commenting on every FF14 post is not going to make it go FTP. So move on. But it will go Free to play and i'm waiting that it will. Milked game is going to become free to play. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold In your dreams it will. FF11 is still P2P and if that game is not going F2P then neither will FF14. Yoshi already said he would NEVER make it free to play do you even live letter. Ah but there are epic free to play games out there. And yes FF will go free to play. there's no escaping that.  And F2P is already seeping through the cracks in the game.Been with WoW since alpha. I love me some Final Fantasy and I love the hell out of Yoshi P and this team for rebuilding the game as they did and continually making it better. Knowing that Ivalice is coming in the next expansion too is really tempting me.

 Asking for f2p go f yourself would your mum f2f. Considering FF11 still has yet to go f2p I doubt 14 will ever. enjoy your wait on that one buddy, probably gonna die of old age before it ever goes f2p,  Game will never go free to play. Buy the game like everyone else if you want to play it. Shut up already!!.damn if u don't wanna pay move along. Sheesh same people always on these post complaining. I know all the stuff will be fun and hold me over till the expansion but I am really looking forward to The Diadem being a good time. Let's see!  I abandoned them and gave up hope. Most of them wear tinted shades or have moved on to freemium games. Tried to play both but this one always gets my attention.

You don't seem well informed. FF11 is still pay-to-play. Buy Blade and Soul Gold If FF11 isn't going to a free-to-play model than neither is FF14. Even if FF11 went free-to-play it would only be because SquareEnix abandoned the game and would not reflect on FF14. They already stated that they would let the game die before going free to play. Now why are they different than other games that were pay-to-play that went free-to-play? That question is easy.

They do not have to answer to investors. All of those games had investors that they owed money. They weren't making enough on a subscription based model so they moved to an item store, pay-to-advance or pay-to-win model to pay off the money they owed to publishers and investors. SquareEnix doesn't have this problem. They published the game themselves and own nothing to anyone else. So, as long as this game makes a substantial profit on subscriptions there will never be a need to move to a different model. Same reason WoW is still subscription based. They are their own publisher and investor.


ESO developer ZeniMax Online Studios has been awarded Massively Overpowered's Best MMORPG Studio of 2016

#ESO developer ZeniMax Online Studios has been awarded Massively Overpowered's Best MMORPG Studio of 2016! Zeminax... fix pvp... as a pvp and pve player that loves the game i had to stop playing cause the stupid zerg thing and broken stamina builds. I love magicka DK and magicka builds but well on pvp they r useless since everyone runs sta builds that oneshot you and if you survive to one guy then you get 3 or more guys that are running the same stamina build and gg... Buy Blade and Soul Gold no fun as a solo pvp player and all the pvp guilds play on trueflame that is the most zerger server ever :c

And I was voted the best wizard in all tamerial....... by..... myself. But yeah good job guys keep up the awesomeness. ZOS and Square are really the two best for me in this list, but I really recognize the efforts ZOS has been putting into making ESO a good TES based game, as it was supposed to be at launch, so my vote goes for you guys! So reduce the price of the elk mount to a reasonable amount and don't nerf proc sets for PVE? Kthx. yeah thats a bit overpriced for a mount most used to cost about 1500 maybe 2500 tops but 4500 is insane. You don't have to buy the Christmas Elk. Just for the player who wants something different. So I guess they picked who got the reward BEFORE you guys listed a $40 elk mount.

$40 for an in-game elk mount, first I heard of this... glad I stopped playing 😩😂. That's just ridiculous.   Its not required in any way to play. Why would you care. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold Clay Krempin why would I not care if they're charging $40 for an in-game mount, especially if I came back to play. That's the whole point of have the communities suggestions and responses.  Joshua Matthew Wainwright because its stupid to bitch about the price of something thats just for looks. You just sound bitter.

 It a hell of a lot better then All these free to play/ pay to win games like Neverwinter. Did I say anything wrong about the game ? I just gave my input on a ridiculous price of a virtual item. Calm your little panties down and don't get yourself so worked up over someone's input.  Being passive to greed doesn't mean anything. This dude has as much right to call bullshit. Nearly 75% of the cost of the game for a mount is ridiculous wether you buy it or not.We need more sorcer sets :( !! Julianos and kena its not enoght.


Daeva's Day

Could you at least give credit to the artists and write their names? Not everyone signed their works and now they're just posted to the public for anyone to steal. I understand it's partially their own fault, but it's still sad seeing so many works and not knowing who they're coming from. Same with the BnS outfit designs. Nothing creative all are a cheap copy of which are now only one is different, so that more wings that están3 enough and there are plenty.

Happy DC Day! :3 Bugs, lags, disconnections... And since last ptatches, i've a new bug: i lose often my mouse pointer on screen, or the pointer block itself on some items... it's weird and happens only when i play to Aion. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold :3 When your mouse bug during an instance.. it doesn't help. Game works perfect for us , you can always send ticket for that ;)A virus who touch only my mouse in Aion? :3 My computer is good, enough to play in full configuration, updated and i check regularly virus, malewares, rootkits and others shits, my ping is enough good to play without too much lags... I don't think that comes of my computer or virus. Seems a drop o players know this problem. I tried like 4-5 mouses differents with batteries, without, with laser, without, with software, without. Hm I haven't try with ball, maybe that.. x) Alayws the same.

However, we are all differents with Aion and its lags and bugs. Some friends with same config/ping can keep a daily disconnections, regularly and very often, and others players have nothing. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I noticed this problem after one of the latest patches, there may be two or three weeks. Maybe an error in the update on my machine. I do not know.Vivian McQueen :( I search on google (my friend) and discovered, i wasn't alone with this issue mouse.

And Happy DC again! Got 2 crash in ID, it was a pleasure! We lost cuz my crash games. I think ppl will remember me. Lila Emma stone haha I thought so too ^_^ but throughout the world, we're not the only ones to complain. It's just done a different way.  Last year it was two week full 300% XP, 300% DROP, ORB portal at sanctum also weapon wasnt back to +10 when it failed between +10~+15. Gratz NCSOFT you all just ruined one of best event in aion. Daeva's Day still my plume +9 make me poor all my kinah since 2015~2016 gone because temper alwaus explode shtn=.