FFXIV Samurai and Paladin dealios 

That isn't their fault, That would be your countries fault. But it is, if we had more payment methods we could easily play. If u want to see it the other way, well we dont even have a server here. So 220ms will be the minimum ping. A great number of players on Behemoth server are from Brazil. The top 1 Free Company on Behemoth and the 8° in ALL servers standings its Brazilian since January to April. South America community is strong in the game. We hope SE give us a server as soon. Cheap FFXIV Gil I have no idea what I just saw that AST do, but I cannot wait to find out!! Hey, hey, wait, was that a fucking shield wall from the Paladin?  15% damage reduction for allies and 100% block rate while casting .

Whered you get that? Is it an existing skill that Ive never seen, or are details out? Chaz Ruggieri it's a New skill coming to them in stormblood.It's called Passage of Arms (so far) you can cast it about every 2 minutes! If you move it'll go bye bye though! Isn't it gorgeous though <3 I have the video of it posted on my wall if anyone wants to check it out in its gorgeous entirety! The perfect move to end the trailer on.The ability gives the Paladin 100 percent block rate, and 15 percent damage reduction to all players behind the Paladin.   The Paladin ability is called Passage of Arms.Scholar and Monk are mains, i am not disappointed, might even try Summoner that looks pretty awesome.

Summoner sounds like an awesome toon.  I have never been so excited for a game expansion. Can't wait any longer. White mage looks really fun! Especially the movement ability.  Nina Kitajgorod holy shittttt look at this, red mage alone is already so cool and then ther rest! cant wait! But it's always better to play urself instead of watching a video tho. I think i'm gonna switch to smr xD. Nina Kitajgorod I think I was too distracted by the gauges to see what was new and what was old xD. FFXIV Gil Samurai looks incredibly dull. Hopefully there's more to them. Red Mage still looks great though. Not gonna lie...I'm looking less and less forward to SAM and more and more forward to RDM. SAM just doesn't look interesting. That RDM though. Yes!

Ooooo yes, looking like my Samurai and Paladin dealios will be absolutely wonderful. So they are gonna do the WoW thing and let BLM cast three spells without cast time. It's a long overdue addition. So pumped for Samurai, new tech charge system looks cool . Yasss red mage, totally over nin, too many debuff need to maintain. Yea, it gets annoying. Especially when everyone else has 30 debuffs going and you can't see yours anymore. Apparently they will be fixing these issues, so guess we'll see if it's any better. Jonny Lacard I had to turn off other detrimental effects from players cause of that a long time ago ,  Well hopefully red mage doesn't need maintain that many debuff.


FFXIV did a yo-kai watch event

 Kofi was the Red Mage, Xavier was a Bard, which is his actual main class in game and in the ring. I don't know which ones which wrestler why I haven't watch WWE in a long time all I know is I saw one guy I looked like a samurai one was pushing the cart didn't look like anything and then the jackass with the tube looking thing.  I will bet you anything Michael Cole has never played this game. That would likely be one event I would not participate in. Steven Rhoades think about it thou, Macho Man Randy Savage glamour. I would gladly wear a Kane outfit in game. I foresee people running around idylshire with little John Cena minions =p. FFXIV Gil Id love my char to be able to ric flair WOOOOO! Be real guys you all either said it like him or wanted to just now.

Trying not to think about it. Oh no. Imagining a You can't see me emote. They can edit the play dead emote and we can all rise like The Undertaker. Considering FFXIV did a yo-kai watch event and WWE has done crossovers with Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones and The Jetsons I suppose anything is possible.  I do that half the time when people walk over to me. ??I enjoyed it. Love the idea of Kofi as a red mage.   am i the only person that wants a chocobo ice cream cart? Bring the "Wu Kung" attire and the flying cloud to NA and EU servers Yoshi . Props to the guy with the Vancouver sign. WOW new day promoting Final Fantasy 14.

I mean, wow did have a mohawk grenade and Mr. T promo.  Attempt to make FF characters in WWE games lol. Why? It's awesome. They had to top the DBZ entrance from last year somehow. Cheap FFXIV Gil I legit marked out and couldn't believe Woods and the gang managed to pull this one off. Haha! They really hard-plugged that game last night, Glamour is the true endgame. Two things that should never come together. Michael Cole is like the biggest dweeb ever lol. Wrestling Tank Class confirmed. We're excited to announce our latest spin-off planned for simultaneous release worldwide! Details.

You know it's april fools when you see "simultaneous release worldwide" in a Square Enix game. Ff14 and ff15 were worldwide if I'm not mistaken. Well 14 is an mmo so make sense for a world wide release, and 15 has been delayed for almost a decade so yea Xenos Czhars Vertoria there are a ton of mmos not released world wide at launch. 15 was delayed once in 2016. But 15 wasnt always 15, it was Versus 13 before, I seem to remember FFXI was out a good year before an NA release. Xenos Czhars Vertoria Tell that to Dragon Quest 11, Matthew Robinson Sr. Close, but not quite , Lol the vast majority of Asian MMOs don't even make it west, let alone release simultaneously.



 I would love to see that. Seven weeks to get weapon its too much  You can almost hear her say "There are to many GODDAMN BARDS, in this GODAMN GAME!!" No thanks. There's hardly any bards on the server I'm on. I stand as the few on my server and one of the rare ones who play music like foes and mages ballad. There's too many lol-dragoons and monks (and astros). Then again almost every bard have become machinists. So as one of the few bards left on the server I'm on, I say "Over my bloody arse".How longs maintenance this time? Just release it all in one patch you fucks. Samantha Zambezi finally but sad Heavensward is coming to an end. It was like an HBO series. Talk about a spoiler alert for those unknowing masses that go to the link that haven't quite made it this far yet! haha. Don't click the link problem solved. How are you supposed to know the link is a spoiler then if you don't click or no one warns you.

"Patch 3.56 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, March 28, and will usher in the end of the Heavensward main scenario." "Herp derp how am I supposed to know it contains spoilers herp" Right below that -_- is literally the next part of the story. Way to be dude time to marathon all the HW content finally, then.  So.. FFXIV Gil this patch will be only about main quest? Spoiler alert. The warrior of lights still wins . And they made Yda the picture . are you guys gonna "kill" everyone again like the end of ARR? If they do that Hopefully it's Alphinaud, even if he "dies" for only a Patch.  I'm on Siren if anyone is interested in playing!

I'm only level 30 o_0 man I got a ton of stuff to catch up on  I want to start in April. When are you starting? Mike Goodbread Make empire a playable faction and separate storyline.I know but it is an mmo it couldn't hurt the game. Excited to see Yda change into her red dress in the Stormblood trailer.  What if its minfilia instead Buy FFXIV Gil i dunno it could be her. It's not Minfilla. She's stuck with Hydalyn. The girl looks too badass to be Minfilia. She is dead to me and must stay that way. *girly giggle*.  I miss ff 14. No pooder makes it hard to play .  Bruh wtf KH collection . This game is crap and the community is horrid. What is the primal of patch 3.56 ? Someone know the name ?

6* Estinien with Nidhogg infuse would look sick!!! Since they are sticking to the 1.0-2.0 storyline, I'd like Louisoix Leveilleur and Nael Deus Darnus. Hey, since you released Mobius for PC on Steam, why not release Brave Exvius as well? There's a reason why they call games like FFBE Gacha. Are you serious? I'm still waiting for the FFXIV x FFXV collab :/.this collab is bullshit. FFXIV x FFXV or GTFO Square Enix.and it's one-sided again i think? lul. only exvius get the xiv stuff.


FFXIV Totem/Pages system

 I'm personally not a fan of the Totem/Pages system they introduced this expansion for the reason that it takes away sustainability for the fights, but that's neither here nor there. Judging from the image and the S3 mounts, they look just like recolors anyways. More unique mounts would be nice in general. Nicole Kaufman Neither am I. Just making a point ^_^;  Incentives to keep PVP maps alive is a smart move, you're not the only one allowed to have your fun, deal with it.  Agreed. Cheap FFXIV Gil You can't reskin a mount for PVP, it'll eliminate alot of the draw. You also can't give them crap rewards. The PvP gear sets and mounts are distinct. You can tell them apart. Yes, alot of people wont be using these, but that's because those players are that few and elite that they can call that mount theirs.

Elite? People have been win farming those. Lol. You're crying foul for PVP having a unique mount type when PVE has its own selection of mounts. Astrope, Kirin, Firebird, Beast Tribe, Tank mounts, Trial mounts, Raid mounts, etc. the list goes on.Pointing out the Trial mounts as the only unique mounts SE provides besides MSQ mounts is telling of your ignorance about the mounts available in game RIGHT NOW. In addition, those mounts are no less impressive than the Hounds. They have primal themes, special graphics and are linked to quests that give you an even more unique mount.

Some people don't want to grind out for the Lanners, they know they're not getting it. You don't want to participate in PvP, you're not about to have the Hound mount. Cheap FFXIV Gil The important part is that it's available. You have to play the game to get it. That's entire point of rewards.Let the PvPers have their mount. Nobody is stopping you from joining them. You have no case.make pvp more accessible? it feels like if you didn't get into it int the very beginning you probably will never get into it. needs more for entry level. oh and btw pvp dps queues are TERRIBLE.

not really sure what you mean because when they introduced the new frontline map pvp became a lot easier to get into. I'd never even touched it once before the garo crossover event and it's fun and fairly easy to get into, even if you don't know what you're doing at first. and on the EU data centre the queues for dps in 72 man frontline are like 2 minutes long...yeah maybe they fixed a lot since i tried. it was something i wanted to do and i feel like it gets further away from me every time they put in something new. thanks for your input.dps ques are terrible for all aspects of the game and only going to get worse since the next two new classes are both dps.


I played Final Fantasy MMO's

My husband and I played Final Fantasy MMO's (1st with FFXI then straight to FFXIV) for 16 years together. In a lot of ways I think the game brought us closer as a couple. Sadly he left the game before Heavensward was released. I stuck it out until last week. Without him though... it just isn't the same. Thank you Square Enix for a wonderful 16 years! Through the good and bad I stuck it out anyway and loved the game for the many adventures with the friends I met along the way. Thank you for not giving up on FFXIV and FFXIV Gil making it what it is today! Maybe someday i'll be back. Happy Valentines Day everyone! Happy adventuring!

 Chioni AJ with FFXIV I found it is not as easy to make friends as it was in FFXI. Buy FFXIV Gil In XI it was completely necessary to have friends. There was no duty finder. You had to work together. I had the most amazing weekly static for Chains of Promathia (back before they removed the level cap and made it solo-able). Those days were so fun! I'm still in touch with those people. XIV community is definitely different. I wish you all the best!Finally. The trolls can stop posting what they think the new job/jobs will be.
We will finally KNOW.

 When I started playing FFXIV back then..I asked for reviews at reddit. Some trolls inboxed me the whole story lol. That could be a good thing lmao. Nah, they will just start on guessing the next jobs. The next job in 5.0 is beastmaster. Is the stream the same place as the JP one or is there a different site/twitch? I'm still hoping for a blue mage tank and/or a dps samurai. More likely SAM :D I wouldnt stand to keep playing WAR, since i really dont like it, played SAM in FFXI for 7 years, started FFXIV hoping SAM would come sooner or later, if it doesnt come with this expansion i'll certainly quit the game.

I wouldn't care either way as long as sam is a dps and not a tank. I love swords but hate tanking. I was really irked when one of my fav jobs was made into a tank even though thematically it has been a dps type of job. When fan fest will come to Montreal??? You have fan here in the east coast, you know. I just want my dancer but samurai will more than likely be confirmed. I can't go, but have last minute tickets if anyone wants to buy them? Got 2, let me know ladies and gents. And then we'll find out if we get tank and if it's samurai, or dps. No wait, I got that sentence mixed up... Nope, not jelous at all. Not a bit.


Part 2 of the final Heavensward patch

 I'd be pretty upset if a limited event item was given away freely every year. It would give less meaning to the item. So if you missed out and you really want it, then why not buy it? I mean, the cost of it can't exactly hurt your bank account... its £3 lol - compare that to most game cosmetics. It's actually almost $7 Canadian for me. If the outfit was only $3, I wouldn't complain about it... Lol. What happened Square Enix? I got on and expected quests and romance, and maybe some laughs, Cheap FFXIV Gil but all I did was talk to her fiance just to learn how to pucker my lips to form hearts and blow them. You can buy the minion and song sheet, yet there's a repeatable quest for Prism. The event literally took me 5 minutes! This is so lazy compared to last year. I get that Stormblood is around the corner, but come on...

With all due respect, I don't think you get just how big of a demand it is for them to be working on both Stormblood and Part 2 of the final Heavensward patch at the same time. James Hammond Yet, they could do a fine job with previous events, such as heavensturn. I'm not saying that I'm not grateful for actually having an event. I'm just saying that they could have done better in comparison of last year's. This is a poor excuse. I agree that it was a little lackluster. I'd have preferred a small chain quest in order to unlock the minions and other items from the store, rather than just straight up buy them and skip the rest of the 'event'.

I honestly thought that the quests to obtain even the emote, would be a lot longer than it actually is. Even if they are busy working on more important content, a few extra event quests couldn't have hurt . Dat Craig Heavensturn wasn't as close to Stormblood's release date, I can imagine that they're in heavy crunch time right now. Buy FFXIV Gil Probably sleeping at the office etc, their team isn't large.

 Any help would be awesome!! I use to play this on my mates acc. And thought I'd get it on my own ps4,yesterday I brought the ARR version without heavensward,I have tryd everything to get it working.deleted it three times and updated it b4 starting version 4.56 ps4 is up-to-date It JUST BLACK SCREENS EVERY TIME with music.has this been an issue for anyone else? SQ customer support is Crap! An No help whatsoever. Have you tried restarting your modem/internet connection? It has helped people before.  I've had that happen before, like the comment before me said, I restarted my router and nothing happened. So, I left my game alone for a day, came back and it kicked on like nothing happened. If you do get it to start working, hit me up on the Ultros server, my name is Leon Heartilly, I'd be happy to help you start up!


FFXIV version of Resident Evil

Aaron Scoggin It's also a physical collector's edition. It's definitely doable. I'm by no means rich or really well off but we just bought a 4k tv, PS4 and the $200 version of Resident Evil almost all within a month and a half or two, but it was all because we could budget it in and cut back on things here and there. Honestly, $200 is not something you can just whip out, but it's not meant to be for this type of stuff or else EVERYONE would be getting it. If you don't think it's worth it or can't justify it as an expense, Cheap FFXIV Gil don't buy it and go get one of the other tiers. I am still deciding between the $60 one and 6months of game time or paying time every month and getting the $200 version. They are not hungry for money as you say. A lot of other games have expensive bundles for a game, but they are never requires. It's catered to very specific people and not the masses so chill out.

That's why you got trump for president you biggits. Martin Brauer I think you meant to say 'bigots' sweetheart. And it looks like you come from Germany. If that's the case, then I'm pretty sure Hitler was a bit worse and has a higher kill streak. But see, that doesn't really relate to you now does it? Just like your Trump comment doesn't pertain to me either, because I don't even like the man so just shut the hell up man.  The thing is it's a subscription based MMO so they are getting their money. Buy FFXIV Gil Pretty sad it's so spendy tbh.

I like how nobody mentioned the fact that the $200 CE comes with a Square Enix tier statue of the new legatus. I could see if it was just a bunch if shitty apparel, but trying to cheap out on a detailed statue is just sad. pffff do u even Australia every game here is $100 or more. some of these mfckers will order multiple copies and jack their prices up at Ebay. Im still salty about it.  It;s a bit unclear... Slides tell that Stormblood includes Heavensward. If I already own it on Steam, will I be paying twice for Heavensward then? I'd buy it but.....error 401 on a card that I used on Amazon to buy time after it failed on SE's store today. So I doubt I'll get it.

 I'm someone who doesn't mind dropping 120 for collectors editions with art books and figures and other goods but $200 for what their offering is just...a rip off lol.no new race no order, having a new class and swim around in new ares doesnt makes me excited i realy dont see any difference between heavensward and stormblood having swim isnt new in mmo games, thats a too late option giving swim in 2017 btw putting auras in the games was realy worst in my opinion, no im sry you wont get my money for this patch.